Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Spraying Glazes Continued

So why spray glazes? I'm attracted to atmospheric firings, wood, salt and soda. I like the way the clay catches the fire and it paints the surface. one side of the pot maybe different from the other side that didn't catch the flame. I want the surface of my pots to be rich and varied. I try to approach spraying like the spray gun is the flame of the glaze. I usually start with a base glaze and then a light modifier sprayed on top. This glaze is usually a matte glaze. I use a glossy glaze to highlight certain areas. This is a thin application depending how much I want it to run. A good spray booth is esstential, otherwise you'll have to spray outside. I spray about 3 to 6 glazes on each piece. The glazes then flow into each other leaving traces of the process. Like with all things in ceramics, this takes practice and patience. The first pots I sprayed ran and fuse to the kiln shelves.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tips for spraying glazes

I have been using a spray gun to apply glazes to my work for about three years now. I think spraying allows for more control and variation of how the glaze looks. I'm not a big fan of lines that result when you dip your pots into glaze. I also don't like solid colors. I want my pots to be rich and varied in color. I want the viewer to engage and explore the surface
Alright, now you might be asking yourself how do I spray glazes? Well first you need a good spray gun. I use a gravity feed spray gun. Geil kilns use to sell a good one, but I don't think they sell it anymore. I purchase mine from and you can always get one from harbour freight. I would get one that is inexpensive, because the glaze will eat away at the nozzle overtime. It can easliy be replaced with another. You want a gun with a larger tip. I recommend one with a 2.0mm nozzle. This allows for less clogs and more material to pass through. Gravity feed is better then syphon. It uses less air. Of course, you'll need a compressor. 18 to 30 gallons should do. Make sure you put it away from you, because it can be like a small dog barking at your feet. On the next post I'll talk how I spray.