Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Spraying Glazes Continued

So why spray glazes? I'm attracted to atmospheric firings, wood, salt and soda. I like the way the clay catches the fire and it paints the surface. one side of the pot maybe different from the other side that didn't catch the flame. I want the surface of my pots to be rich and varied. I try to approach spraying like the spray gun is the flame of the glaze. I usually start with a base glaze and then a light modifier sprayed on top. This glaze is usually a matte glaze. I use a glossy glaze to highlight certain areas. This is a thin application depending how much I want it to run. A good spray booth is esstential, otherwise you'll have to spray outside. I spray about 3 to 6 glazes on each piece. The glazes then flow into each other leaving traces of the process. Like with all things in ceramics, this takes practice and patience. The first pots I sprayed ran and fuse to the kiln shelves.

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