Friday, April 30, 2010


Its the final week of the semester and I'm getting final grades together. I'm also getting things ready for the final glaze firing before summer. I've got a lot of cups going in along with some pitchers and bottles.

Here is my new spray gun holder I made. Multiple guns make things go a little quicker and it is good to have back up.

I experimented with something new this week. The bottle below came out ok, but it was all matte and I usually like a little gloss to give it a little emphasis. So I sprayed some low fire clear glaze to see what would happen. I refired in a electric kiln to a little below 2000 degrees. It came out really well, even though I should have sprayed the whole thing. Some the colors changed, but I like how the clear glaze gives it a wet look. Most potters always talk about how they want to capture that wet look of a freshly throw pot and this to me is close.   

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